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Infographic: Understanding the difference between the National Senior Certificate and NSC (Vocational)

Have you ever wondered what the difference between the National Senior Certificate & the National Certificate

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Budgetary Review and Recommendations for the Council on Higher Education (CHE) (Selected Extracts)

This article has been compiled from the following in accordance with the Creative Commons License issued from the

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Council on Higher Education (CHE) Annual Report 2017/2018

This is an extract from a Meeting that took place on 10 October 2018 facilitated by the Parliamentary Monitoring

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Deliberations: National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill

Committee: Higher Education and Training 11 October 2018 Chairperson: September Ms C (ANC) Meeting Summary The

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CHE: To accredit or to not accredit: Is this the only question?

Providers might have the view that the Programme Accreditation Directorate is only responsible for overseeing the

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Umalusi condemns websites that sell FAKE matric certificates

It has come to the attention of Umalusi that there are websites that sell fake matric certificates to the

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