The changing landscape of the workplace and the associated workforce can imply the need to sharpen up on human capital management within all South African enterprises. The new world of work and the ever-changing impact of technology and other social factors contribute to the need for a dynamic focus on people management. The objective of the short programme is to teach the basic principles of human resource management — how an organisation acquires, rewards, motivates, uses, and generally manages its people effectively.

Everything you need to know

  • Accredited: This short learning programme is accredited
  • Registered: This short learning programme is offered by a registered Higher Education Institution
  • Mode of delivery: This programme can be delivered on-site or online

Is this course for me?

This short learning programme is recommended for managers or supervisors who are either currently managing others, has the potential to manage others, or individuals who wish to grow and develop their management abilities.

Programme Outline

  • Human resources planning „
  • Job analysis „
  • Recruitment and selection „
  • Training and development „
  • The meaning and nature of motivation „
  • Theories about work motivation „
  • The components of the career development perspective „
  • The nature and content of performance appraisal
  • Performance appraisal techniques „
  • Job evaluation methods „
  • The nature and essence of self-development „
  • Influence of self-image on the individual’s general functioning „
  • Strategies for improvement of a positive self-image „
  • The nature and meaning of stress „
  • Symptoms of stress „
  • Strategies for handling stress effectively

Admission Requirements

National Senior Certificate or National Senior Certificate (Vocational) or a relevant qualification at NQF Level 4.

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Speak to one of our friendly Student Experience Representatives today and learn more about this or other short learning programmes on offer. This programme can also be offered on-site for corporate learning interventions.

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